Feeling Sick? Try Our Rapid COVID Tests in Rocky Hill, CT

COVID rates are going back up again. As the question is out on mask mandates and what to do next, we need a plan for those afflicted. Rapid COVID tests are the best way to stay on top of your health and get back to a sense of normalcy. However, do you know where to get a rapid test? Are you sure that your ordinary primary caregiver has what you need? Surprisingly, it can be a little difficult to find a rapid test these days. Some places offer the vaccine but not the test for them. Other places do offer testing, but not with rapid results. This means that you could wait up to a week before knowing your results. And, because life is continuing, many of us don’t have the liberty to wait. Do yourself a favor—take advantage of the rapid COVID tests we have in Bloomfield today.

Understanding the Types of Tests Out There

Some of the most common types of COVID tests out there are PCR tests and the rapid test. You may have not heard of the PCR test. What does it mean, and how does it work? Is one much better than the other? It’s not a simple question of which is better or worse. Rather, it’s a question of which is better for your situation.

PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, tests are conducted in the same way as a rapid test, but the way to get results is much different. These tests are sent off to a lab, causing the results to be much more accurate. However, the wait time is much longer—usually three to seven days.

On the other hand, rapid tests provide a much quicker result—usually within 15 minutes. This is better for those who need an answer as soon as possible. Usually, rapid tests are only given to those who have symptoms. Many locations will not give someone a rapid test if they do not show any symptoms. This means that a PCR test is their only option. So, if you were exposed to COVID but don’t have any symptoms, your doctor will most likely suggest that you take a PCR test. Talk to your doctor today and see what you can do to get the answers you need.

How to Continue Safely

No matter what test you have to get, there may be a point where you have to quarantine for a certain amount of time. In moments like these, it’s good to be prepared. So let’s go over some ways you can remain quarantined and keep others safe.

  • Utilize grocery ordering. Many stores and even some Rideshare apps are now offering grocery options so you can get your food without coming into contact with anyone.
  • Continue wearing your mask and keep hand sanitizer on you. While things may be winding down, it’s good to keep your guard up. Even if you’re vaccinated, if you think you may have COVID, you should actively work to keep others safe.
  • Asking friends and family for help. If you cannot afford or use grocery apps or perhaps need something specific, ask your support group to leave items by your door. This way, you get what you need without anyone being exposed.

No matter if you actively have COVID, think you have COVID, or just want to stay safe, it’s important to continue practicing safety precautions not only for you but for others, as well. Continue the fight against COVID!

Take Advantage of Our Rapid COVID Tests in Bloomfield

Are you searching for available rapid COVID tests in Bloomfield? If so, our Urgent Care is here to help. Check-in online or when you come to visit us. We’re here to help you get to the bottom of your condition as soon as possible.

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