School Physicals in Rocky Hill: What You Should Know

Participating in high school sports teams is a fantastic social and physical activity for your child. But to give their all to their team, it’s important to know that they can safely participate! This is where school physicals in Bloomfield can help ensure their safety. Whether your school requires sports physicals or you want a professional evaluation of your child’s health, a comprehensive physical can make sure your athlete is ready to go. What are sports physicals, and why should you schedule an appointment at Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care?

Why Are Sports Physical So Important?

When your child joins a sports team, they have the exciting opportunity to engage in physically challenging sports while learning team-building skills. Make sure that they are equipped to dive in full force! Even if school physicals are not required at your Bloomfield school, they can make sure your child and their teammates stay safe and well all season long. 

Student athletes of all ages undergo physical exertion during warm-ups, practices, and scheduled games. Sports physicals, performed by a healthcare professional, check for possible health concerns. These include medical history, past injuries, what medications your child takes, and whether or not they are up to date on vaccinations. With comprehensive testing and a close look at your child’s medical needs, school physicals in Bloomfield help safeguard your child’s physical condition as they enter the new season. 

While these physicals are often required to participate in organized sports, you don’t have to be a part of a team to get a school physical! If your child engages in outdoor activities like hiking or running, a physical can also benefit their health. R. Jay Lee, M.D. states athletes in team sports or independent activity can protect their health with a physical.

“Sports physicals help assess any areas of concern for athletes before they start an activity, and in turn keeps them from further injuring themselves during play if a condition is present and needs to be treated.”

What Happens During the Physical?

A sports physical doesn’t require any invasive testing. The specialist will make note of your child’s weight, blood pressure, and vital signs. Other observational testing includes vision, hearing, respiratory, and sinus evaluations. Flexibility and strength are also monitored. Each of these physical assessments helps ensure that your child’s participation in the sports season won’t lead to muscle strain or inflame any preexisting conditions. If issues arise from this portion of the school physical, your specialist may advise you on seeking physical therapy or medication changes. Or, they may even urge your child to participate in less strenuous activities.

In addition to the physical assessment, your child will be asked about their medical history. Be ready to answer any questions regarding asthma, diabetes, or past strains, sprains, or breaks. Their family medical history will also be taken into account to determine what health risks could develop. Help your child answer these questions as accurately as possible!

Get School Physicals in Bloomfield Today

Make sure your child is ready to hit the court, field, or gym as soon as sports season begins! Get your school physicals in Bloomfield at Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care today. Stop by the clinic at your convenience or check-in online to reserve your place in line. 

Additionally, Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care has three other locations in Waterbury and Naugatuck to provide quality care, close to home. We are dedicated to helping you get in and out as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, you can reach any our clinics by phone. From sports physicals to vaccinations and more, we look forward to helping you stay well and start the season strong.