Are both flu shots and COVID vaccines necessary to fight off illness and stay well in Rocky Hill?

Maybe you’ve stayed on top of getting your flu shot each year before the peak of the spread hits. Or, maybe you have gotten your COVID vaccine in the last year per work instructions. But now you may be wondering, “If I’ve had one vaccine, do I really need to get the other?” The short answer is yes. To be protected from both viruses, you need to be vaccinated against each one. For your COVID vaccine, make sure to contact your closest provider. Here is why you also should get your flu shots in Bloomfield from Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care.

Each Vaccine Protects Against Different Viruses

While the COVID-19 virus and influenza share similar symptoms, they are not the same virus. Likewise, the vaccines for each are not the same. Both work similarly within the body. Once introduced to your system, each vaccine triggers the creation of specific antibodies which increase your immunity. And, they protect against the foreign cells of the virus. But remember—the flu shot protects against the flu virus, and the COVID vaccine wards off the COVID-19 virus. For adequate protection against both illnesses, you should get vaccinated for each virus. 

Strengthen your system with flu shots from Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care in Bloomfield or one of our other convenient locations! Or if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, visit us today for a rapid test and treatment solutions. Find COVID testing information or flu shot services on our website.

Flu Shots Change Every Year

Medical professionals advise that you receive an annual flu shot. But why do you need to get a flu shot again if you got last year’s vaccine? Since the flu is regularly evolving, it is necessary that the yearly flu shot changes to keep up with the current strain. This means that the strain you were vaccinated for in the previous year may not be the strain of the virus present the following year. By getting your annual flu shots in Bloomfield, you can stay protected from the specific strain at large. 

The spread of the flu typically runs from October through the following March, though this can fluctuate depending on yearly conditions. It is recommended that you get your flu shots by the end of October to begin building antibodies. Then, you will be better protected before the peak of flu season. However, it’s never too late to get your flu vaccination! If you are interested in getting your family’s flu shots in Bloomfield, visit our urgent care for this year’s vaccine.

Each Shot May Improve the Efficacy of the Other

Scientists cannot say for certain that the flu vaccine and COVID vaccine help to strengthen each other. But, studies from The American Journal of Infection Control have shown that they may have beneficial effects on your immune system. For example, patients who had gotten their flu shot decreased their chances of testing positive for COVID-19 by 24%! So not only are you protecting yourself from one virus, you may help to ward off the other, as well.

Get Flu Shots in Bloomfield!

To stay protected from both viruses, make sure to get both your flu and COVID vaccines! Find your COVID vaccine from a provider near you, and visit Trinity Health Of New Egland for your flu shots. Our location offers four locations for flu shots, COVID testing, and your other wellness needs. Visit us in Bloomfield, East Main Street, West Main Street, or Naugatuck. With testing and flu vaccine services, you can increase your chances of preventing a positive case and protecting others from illness. Get in touch with us today to schedule a virtual visit or check-in now for a fast, convenient appointment with our healthcare professionals!