How Flu Shots Keep Naugatuck Students Protected

Heading back to school is an exciting time for students. Your children will get to see friends after a long summer break and have the opportunity to learn in a social setting. However, this close contact with other students can put your child at risk for the flu. As your child returns to school, make sure they are protected with flu shots in Naugatuck! Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care is here to help you understand the importance of annual flu shots for your children.

Flu Shots and Children

You may be wondering if it is important for your child to have their annual flu shot—and the answer is yes. As adults, our immune systems are typically more robust after several years of exposure to a variety of bacteria and viruses. This exposure helps the immune system develop antibodies to bolster its defenses. But the younger a child is, the weaker their immune system is. This means that it is much easier for them to get sick or experience infections. As a parent, you can help to protect your child against viruses, including the flu, with annual vaccinations! Flu shots from our urgent care in Naugatuck are a great place to start.

Getting the flu shot is especially important if you have school-aged children, whether they go to a weekly daycare or primary school. The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases estimates an average of 20,000 children under the age of five are hospitalized annually due to the flu. Children are generally the most affected by the flu with 20 to 30% affected each year. Since the flu may be spread through close contact and contaminated surfaces, this makes a school or daycare an easy location for infection. Prevent this spread with annual vaccinations for the whole family from Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care!

The Importance of Flu Vaccinations for College Students

While young children may be at an increased risk for flu infection, don’t forget about your college kids, either. As your student heads back to school, they will have a wealth of wonderful social opportunities ahead of them. Make sure their immune systems are protected with a quick and easy flu shot. Unfortunately, vaccination rates among college students are alarmingly low, ranging between 8 and 39% of students in 2020. Not only can this shot help to prevent them from falling ill, but it can also work to slow the spread among students and keep your household protected. 

For flu shots in Naugatuck, simply bring your student to our urgent care or have them stop by at their convenience. At Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care, we understand how busy a college student’s schedule can be, from juggling class schedules, social events, study hours, student jobs, and more. All you or your child have to do is check the wait time of your closest clinic location. Come on by and wait in our lobby or check-in online to reserve your place and make your wait even shorter. 

Get Your Flu Shots in Naugatuck

Whether classes are back in session or your college student is preparing for the new school year, make sure that they’re prepared with annual flu shots! Stop by the Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care or check-in online for flu shots for ages four and older in Naugatuck. You can also visit our Bloomfield clinic or our two locations in Waterbury on East Main Street and West Main Street. Start the school year off on the right foot with the best protection possible against the flu.