Find CDL physicals in Waterbury, CT.

Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers are essential to our country’s economy. At Trinity Health Of New England Urgent Care, we understand how demanding these jobs are. This is why all of our locations offer CDL physicals. If you are a professional truck or bus driver in the Waterbury area in need of CDL physicals, we have two locations for your convenience. 

As part of their testing, the Department of Transportation requires CMV drivers to pass a CDL physical to be sure drivers meet the necessary standards. Our CDL physical process is quick and simple. Both of our Waterbury locations accept walk-ins—so no need to worry about scheduling an appointment.

There are several parts of the CDL physical that drivers can expect. The general physical exam includes standard examinations of the person’s physical and neurological health. Drivers must have good vision to be safe, so our specialists also test your vision. If you wear prescription glasses, please bring them along for the test. 

Commercial driving is an extremely demanding job, so it is vital that your blood pressure and pulse rate are in healthy ranges. Trinity Health Of New England also conducts a hearing test and urinalysis as part of the physical. All of this is to ensure you or your drivers are healthy and ready for the road!


We have two Urgent Care options for drivers in the Waterbury area (West Main Street and East Main Street). For those driving throughout Connecticut, Trinity Health Of New England has four total locations that drivers can use. All locations can conduct a CDL physical as well as many other services should the driver need assistance. 

All of our locations have an online billing option, which accepts all major credit card companies (including Discover). Our online portal also allows patients to schedule an appointment and check-in online. 

Lastly, we understand that people have different levels of comfort regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, our Waterbury locations offer virtual visits which includes screening for COVID-19. 

Additional Clinical Services 

Along with our CDL physicals, the professionals at our Bloomfield location also offer a variety of occupational health services. We can treat workplace injuries*, perform drug and alcohol tests, or administer immunization programs and TB testing. With our drug and alcohol testing, we handle all communication with DOT testing to make things easier for you. 

Outside of the occupational health services available at our Bloomfield clinic, each of our urgent care centers can treat ear and eye infections, cuts, simple fractures, sprains, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Our urgent care centers can also treat urinary problems, rash/skin issues, and sinus/allergy problems. We do everything we can to help our patients get back on their feet.

*If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1. 

Perks of Urgent Care Centers

  • Our Waterbury urgent care centers are open every day of the week, and appointments are not necessary. 
  • We can treat adults and children (three months old and up).
  • Our urgent care centers can complete on-site lab work, X-rays, and vaccinations. 
  • We also offer a more affordable experience than most hospitals. 

Find CDL Physicals in Waterbury 

Both of the Trinity Health Of New England clinics in Waterbury are open Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For the East Main Street location, please call 203-709-4030. On the other hand, you can reach the West Main Street location at 203-709-4575. All of our locations allow you to check the live waiting time before making an appointment or walking in. Discover more and begin with us today.